From the moment you walk through our front door, your clothes are immediately in the best of hands. Our large staff gets right to work providing you the highest quality of service at the best price possible. Greeted by our Customer Service Professionals, you’re being cared for by family. Two of the daughters of Quong Lee Sr., our founder, have defined what it takes to receive and process your items.

  • Inspect buttons, zippers, and hems
  • Tag and mark stains for the proper cleaning methods
  • Note exactly how you would like your item starched, pressed and/or ironed
  • Review the garment care labels on your clothes

P8140472Each article has an ID bar coded label discreetly ironed in to keep track of them at all times throughout every step of our process. Then, items are sorted as required. Our immense database stores the brand, material, colors, stripes, patterns, care methods and preferences of every article of clothing. This helps to eliminate any errors in the care of your clothing. Using the preferences noted in your customer profile or special instructions, should any alterations or repairs be needed, they are sent to our seamstress for the proper care.

P1010628Next, your clothes are moved into the plant for either laundering or dry cleaning, starch or no starch, hot or cold. Our machines are computer programmed by our senior team of fabric care experts with specific formulas to get each item properly cleaned and cared for. This ensures your garments last longer and remain as good as new. We also use an extra care process in the preparation of our starch called ‘cooking’. Our starch is warmed to specific temperatures and then added to the wash to provide a stiffer garment but also with a softer, silkier feel. It is becoming a lost art because it takes a bit more attention and time to get it just right. We feel it is important to do for our customers and they appreciate it! After careful final pressing, the item’s ID bar code labels are scanned and matched, then bagged and racked for pick up, all with computer accuracy.

Our basic services include:

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Laundering
  • Silky Starched Shirts
  • Board Stiff Jeans and Khakis
  • Soft Jeans and Khakis
  • Crisp Smooth Linens
  • Blankets, Bedspreads, Comforters, Down Comforters
  • Wedding Gowns

Many additional services are available. Please inquire when you visit.